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[Q] Profit-Loss Tricks - 2

Please read Part-1 before reading this part.


Q. 6) 

CP of 1 article = Rs.8/10 = Rs. 4/5
SP of 1 article = Rs. 10/8 = Rs. 5/4
SP/CP = 25/16 = 1.5625
Hence profit% = 56.25
Answer: (A)

Q. 7)

Total investment = Total CP
Let the CP of 1 egg = C
Then total CP = 200C
Total eggs left = 200 - 38 = 162 eggs = 162/12 dozen
Total SP = (162/12)*4.8 = Rs. 64.8
f = 1.08
Hence CP = 64.8/1.08 = Rs. 60
Answer: (D)

Q. 11)

This question appeared in Tier-2 2014 and is one of the trickiest question asked by SSC from this topic. So much so that many question banks haven't published its solution. Although if your concepts are clear, then there is nothing tricky here.

Let the fruit-seller buys 100 oranges
Now, he has sold the oranges in two parts. First he sold 40 oranges and then he sold 48 (80% of 60) oranges.
Total SP = (SP of 40 oranges) + (SP of 48 oranges) 
Given, SP of 40 oranges = CP of 100 oranges
40S = 100C (where S = SP of 1 orange and C = CP of 1 orange)
S/C = 2.5
f = 2.5 and hence Profit = 150%
He sold 80% of remaining oranges at half the previous rate of profit.
That means he sold 48 oranges at 75% profit.
CP of 48 oranges = 48C
f = 1.75
SP of 48 oranges = 1.75*48C = 84C
Total SP = (SP of 40 oranges) + (SP of 48 oranges) = 100C + 84C = 184C
Total CP = 100C
f = SP/CP = 184C/100C = 1.84
Hence profit = 84%
Answer: (B)

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  1. Awesome..... the way you solved last question is outstanding.... only basic fundas. Thnx a lot sir

  2. Nice post .Sir, please post some hacks on averages,percentages and ratio as these come handy in DI.Are you planning to post hacks solely on DI?.Preparation is entirely dependent on your blog as I cant afford coaching.Thank you sir for your great effort.Keep the spirit going\m/

  3. fantastic dude..u hv done it tremendously!!
    pls post some conceptual approach for "average" questions..

  4. Final ans of q.10....pls clarify

    1. 5% profit...isn't it obvious?

    2. I
      it should be 10%...pls check again by assuming cp=100 of each....TSP=115+95=210.AND SO Profit percent fetched 10.
      Pls clear it...if i m wrong...thanx.

    3. I m sorry sir...i m wrong.
      I took 100 at last in place of 200.
      Pardon me....

  5. In question nono.7, is there a need of write 200c???
    Pls clarify

  6. Sir how this question will be solved.
    A dishonest salesman cheats in weighing that is 20% on purchasing and 20 % in selling. What will be his overall profit.

  7. hi
    i want to ask that passing marks is measured on the basis of total marks or marks achieved in each section of question paper

  8. sir this is nice article.plz send some hacks of average

  9. awesome buddy ! keep posting love your work !

  10. sir, Q 11 ke liye koi alag method ho tho bataye.

  11. Sir please add more profit loss hacks

  12. Hi Sir,

    i could not find any suitable heading for the below question so decided to post here.
    the question is
    The absolute difference between the average of first N1 natural numbers and that of the first N2 natural numbers is 10. What is the absolute difference between N1 and N2?

    Ans:- N1-N2=20

  13. A trader used to make 5% profit on an item selling at usual marked price. One day, he trebled the marked price of the item and finally offered a discount of 30%. Find the percentage profit he made on the item that day.